High Schools Vs. High School Essay

High Schools Vs. High School Essay

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When any adolescent enters High School they are still young and on the search to find themselves. High Schooler’s often make bad decisions, but quickly see that these mistakes there to be learning experiences rather than to dwell on them. Often, for many students, High School does not present an extreme amount of stress, rather it is a a place to learn more about yourself. Once college hits, stress is the only thing on the mind. College students are always worrying about if they did their homework, if they have a big test coming up, if they studied enough, and if they even have enough money to pay their bills. So the key to college is to know that the fundamentals of college are different than high school, be responsible and reliable to yourself, do all your homework, and most importantly be respectful to your peers and teachers
The fundamentals of high schools and college are very different. High schools are by far more built for students,scheduled and disciplined. The students are often times are forced to go so they are very opposed to school. The schedule is the same each day and the student is expected to have excellent attendance and faces disciplinary action if attendance protocol is not met. College is a very different story, the approach of colleges towards structure and attendance is much more relaxed. You can not go to class and it will be up to you on what you start to lack on. If you fall behind in a class because you have poor attendance they consider it unfortunate and expect the student to find a way to catch up on work. The teachers will not force you to join the class as a matter of fact they don’t care at all. The students may have a different schedule for each day of the week and they are expected to be able t...

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...’s learning. Classes are slower they take there time with most of the stuff they teach.
Therefore, to sum it all up, the fundamentals are different, be responsible, do your homework, and be respectful in order to get respect. Remember this, High School is a great way to better your personal skills of organization, time management, and bettering yourself. Since High School is free, personally I advise all High Schoolers to push themselves and take classes that will challenge them. Furthermore, to expand on my point, college will drive you crazy at time because there is so much to deal with and remember. The main thing you need to remember is to push yourself and you will be able to accomplish many things. Yes, you may want to rip your hair out while in college or just quit, but if you keep on pushing and striving to do your best it will all be worth it in the end.

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