Essay on High School Vs. Middle School

Essay on High School Vs. Middle School

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High School vs. Middle School
The transformation from middle school to high school marks an exciting and overwhelming time in a teenager’s life. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in life and it opens new doors of opportunity. High school is easily over estimated compared to middle school and middle school is very much under estimated from high school. High school and middle school are very different with only a few similarities. The two different levels of schooling have completely different time schedules, different priorities take place, and one schools education system is more advanced than the other.
Everyone remembers their first day of middle school; it was the first day we finally felt like a teenager, even if we weren’t one. Everyone got ready that morning to look as sharp as possible, and made sure all their school supplies were the same color. It was the first time we had scheduled classes, passing periods, and no recess after lunch. At this point, we had to act more mature and take school a little more serious than we did before.
Along with the excitement of becoming a middle schooler, it was all a little terrifying as well. Coming into a new school with new teachers, classes and classmates, no one knows what expect. We were too young at the point to be put in a situation that overwhelming.
We had to learn new routines and a new lifestyle. We weren’t used to the different subjects or having homework for almost every class every day. We had to make new friends, get along with our new teachers, and find new people to sit with at lunch. All of this was new to us because we were in a completely different environment. Some students didn’t adapt to the new environment as well as other which might have led them into...

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... as well. Middle school seems to be a mini version of high school if you look at it from a different perspective.
High school is much more difficult, stressful, and challenging than middle school. Middle school’s pain purpose is to prepare you for high school by giving out assignments that are more challenging than others and by rearranging the format of school to help students get used to the different class periods and other unfamiliar routines. High school’s main purpose is to prepare students for college. High school will do this by stacking several assignment due dates onto the same day, handing out pop quizzes, and by packing more information into your brain than you can manage. But, the two different levels of schooling have completely different time schedules, different priorities take place, and one schools education system is more advanced than the other.

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