High School Teacher 's Need For Get Paid More ! Essay

High School Teacher 's Need For Get Paid More ! Essay

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High School Teacher’s need to get paid more!
Who is entrusted in teaching our future leaders morals, functional life skills, knowledge, manners and many other life teachings? Teachers! So why would teachers not have one of the highest pay rates of all jobs? Teaching is often a misunderstood profession. People don 't see all the behind-the-classroom work of being a teacher. Many people only see a person that stands in front of the class and lectures, grades tests and an enforcer of school rules. Teaching involves much more than that. Being a son of a high school math teacher, I know more about the effects involving teachers’ pay than many people. I say teachers need to be paid more!
Our country does not give the teaching profession the respect it deserves. Sean Coughlan wrote that teachers in China were compared to doctors. Though teachers aren 't saving lives like doctors but are respected by the public. Zhi Zhen wrote that respecting teachers and cherishing virtues are part of the traditional ethics practiced by the Chinese people. So the people in China are taught to respect their ...

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