Essay about High School Students with Reading Disabilities

Essay about High School Students with Reading Disabilities

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Imagine waking up every morning dreading going to school and doing homework. No, it is not just because they are teenagers. This is the frustration thousands of high school students face daily because of the inability to understand words. Many high school students are affected by the significant problem of reading learning disabilities; therefore, in order to effectively address this issue, the nature and level of each student’s needs must be evaluated. Upon researching the wide range of strategies and interventions used in education for such students, it is apparent that the educator who applies the strategy is more important than the choice of which strategy is chosen.
Learning disabilities may have a significant impact on students in high school. According to the online article entitled “Learning Disorders”, a learning disability is an inability to understand different skills of learning such as mathematics, reading, listening, speaking, and writing (Learning Disorder 1). Researchers have discovered numerous causes of learning disabilities. The causes range from developmental issues in the brain (Learning Disorders 1) to genetic factors, as well as the environment. No matter what the cause of a disability, the capability to effectively address the problem is extremely important to the educational progress of a student.
Reading disabilities pose the greatest impact in the high school arena of learning disabilities. According to Snow, Bruns, and Griffin, “Among students identified with learning disabilities, [eighty percent] have serious reading problems” (Rathvon 175). Learning disabilities in reading are the inability to understand the meaning of words and comprehension of passages (Horowitz 2). This disability can ...

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