The High School Students, No Air Conditioning And Can We Talk Bathrooms?

The High School Students, No Air Conditioning And Can We Talk Bathrooms?

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“Windowless and nasty classrooms, retarded courses, no air conditioning and can we talk bathrooms?” As citizens, the conflicts and the issues that our society deals with every day should bring awareness and a call to take action. For instance, Jonathan Kozol came up with a plan to bring consciousness to his readers by writing an article about the struggles of the Fremont High School students, in which problems such as over crowded classrooms, teachers shortage, lack of bathroom supplies, unsanitary kitchen, basic academic courses and inequality. In order to write and put together his article, he took a tour in person and found his way to successfully achieve his goal by documenting students, teachers, and other staff members’ testimonies in which one of his main focuses was Mireya. Furthermore, Kozol’s real facts on the matter successfully make a statement on social and racial inequalities, in which the main purpose of his article was to capture the attention of his audience to find resolutions on the matters that affects a child’s future.
To begin with, Kozol interviews teachers and gathers important facts, in which the teachers states that nearly a third of all of the classes took place in portable classrooms, some in converted storage closets – “windowless and nasty,” as described by teachers and other classes took place in converted shop rooms without blackboards which means there were not enough classrooms available. As a result, most of the classrooms were overcrowded and the classes had about 33 to 40 students enrolled, in which most of the students attended class daily. More over, teachers were assigned 6 classes throughout the day that demanded long hours of work.
In addition to the problem, they were teacher shortages, ...

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...seness in humanity in order to make a positive force in social change for a better community. Kozol’s strategy to persuade his audience was based on credible evidences to which put him on the task of documenting testimonies, dialogues and court documents to validate his article. To do so, his main targets to accomplish his mission successfully was through touring Fremont High School in person to vividly experience the struggles of the students by interviewing the teachers, and students. Therefore, he focuses on the over populated classroom, teacher scarcity, filthy and unhealthy conditions of the facility, academic performance, and also took a shot on social and racial inequality as it can be assumed in the article by comparing Fremont High School academic courses to other high schools to which he labeled as middle class and upper class with higher academic courses.

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