Essay on High School Students Improve Academic Performance

Essay on High School Students Improve Academic Performance

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High school students don’t know how they can succeed in school and improve their academic performance. A student in high school with unexceptionally easy courses could glide through high school with very limited effort involved and receiving mediocre results. The student receives low grades since they are not required or expected to exceed above any standards set by the administration. When that student graduates high school and begins their college career or applies for jobs, they are vacuous and struggle since they only took the easy route throughout their early life and was never prepared. Unfortunately, most students end up in that predicament of not being prepared for their future struggles and fail to succeed since there was never any push for motivation. The lack of motivation leads to low self expected standards and mediocrity shown in their work. For the past few years, many high schools have been gradually lowering the difficulty of their courses and requirements to graduate. These schools have made it easier for students to graduate while still giving no effort in their academic career which leads to struggles in their future. Continuing to lower the requirements in schools allows students to fail and barely meet the minimum. When raising the requirements, it motivates and forces the students to test their true intellectual abilities. Students at Anaheim High School should have higher graduation requirements and more challenging courses in order to succeed academically.
In order for these students to be successful academically, the school must raise their graduation requirements. Too many students fail multiple classes and are still allowed to graduate with unacceptable GPAs with mediocre grades from their past four ...

... middle of paper ...

... fit their interests could help them engage in school work more. In the future, more students will succeed in school and be more prepared to start their careers. When schools raise their requirements, it pushes students to excel and opens up new opportunities for them to explore and improve their lives. However, when they constantly lower their expectations, it does not allow student to improve themselves and understand new material correctly. Improvements to the school academic system will not only improve the skills of current students, it will improve the lives and learning abilities of future generations to come. The current system of allowing students to fail in school won’t allow them to excel any higher or show them their true abilities.
When raising requirements in schools, it prepares them for the difficulty of college and how to deal with self motivation.

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