Essay about High School Students Are Not Successful

Essay about High School Students Are Not Successful

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Have you ever wondered why high school students are not successful in school? What makes students so unmotivated to do well in school? Adolescents face many challenges in regards to staying focused and motivated. These challenges are largely due to the lack of explanation, understanding, and work effort put into teaching the student. Motivation allows high school student to have an early advantage in student comprehension, involvement, and engagement. Motivating high school student teacher should teach in a way students are able to understand and comprehend. Education departments should come together to get adolescent involved to be motivated for literacy learning. Teachers should help high school student to be motivated an engage with activates in literacy learning while expanding their knowledge. Motivating high school student can help them stay literacy ready and engaged.
High schoolers teachers should teach in ways that students are able to comprehend the work that is being taught. Many times students perform poorly and complain about hating school, due to the lack of understanding what is being taught to them. Nancy B Mizzelle 1992 who watched and observed high school student noted that “when students are given a reason for doing a literacy learning activity, they are more likely to become involved in it page 1.” As students start to comprehend the learning activity that has been given to them the students tend to want to be involved more with literacy learning. The best way to get students to comprehend literacy learning is to build some type of relationship within the students. Adolescents that have been able to come to a teacher and ask for assistance with the assignment to better understand what they are doing tend to s...

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... comprehend the literacy assignments. Without students being taught by teacher adolescents will not know what is going on and cannot stay literacy ready. Students have to be involved and engaged to be motivated to learn. Motivation for students tend to come for the mood and climate the student is in. Furthermore, teacher will have to help students get engaged with literacy learning through setting achieve able goals. When adolescents have something to aim for they tend to put their all into learning until the goals is met. “When students are given a reason for doing an activity, they are more likely to become involved in it” (Mizelle, 1992). Without giving students activities to be hands on with. Students will not comprehend what you are teaching them. In conclusion, high school students depends on teachers and staff for literacy learning, and to staying motivated.

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