High School Students Are Failing Students Into Pursuing A Yearning For An Education

High School Students Are Failing Students Into Pursuing A Yearning For An Education

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Anita Garland argues in her article that American high schools are failing to motivate their students into pursuing a yearning for an education because there have been severe problems occurring in today’s generation of high school students, and the issue is a majority of students who don’t take their education as serious as they should. Several students do not have the desire of guiding themselves with useful information as they did before. There are obstacles into maintaining the level of craving of an education; a variety of Garland’s reasons range from mandatory school attendance, lunch, extracurricular activities, and prom. Some of the reasons Garland introduces are reasons why high school students are having such difficulty in educating their brains.
There are a diversity of explanations to why students are lacking the sense of wanting to train their brain power, but the primary reason of this is several students earnestly do not have an interest in school. Garland believes the most essential way of reducing the problems occurring in most American high schools is to prevent the attendance of uninterested students; this would be a significant decision if it were to be achieved. Students who have the motivation to attain success would be given a higher chance of promotion without worrying too heavily on not succeeding. Teachers should not have to deal with the rude behaviors of those who don’t wish to pursue a greater mentality and lifestyle. Rude students do not carry the potential of gaining anything out of their education.
The ridding of uninspired students would create such a huge impact on those who wish to seek a greater way of life, but Garland also agrees that uniforms should be a necessity of every student and high...

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...emphasize most of their school budgets on sports. She strongly considers that the school should use their money on programs that would, in her opinion, actually benefit the rest of the school. Based on Tamar Lewin’s hypothesis in his article College Increases Spending on Sports Faster than on Academics, he proclaims, “Increasingly, institutions of higher education have lost their focus on the academic activities at the core of their mission…The spending priority accorded to competitive athletics too easily diverts the focus of our institutions from teaching and learning to scandal and excess”. Although this article bases their information off college spending, the same can be said about high schools. High schools are putting off aside other extracurricular activities and give special importance to huge, likable sports like football, basketball, soccer, and baseball.

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