High School Sports Programs Are Harmful Essay

High School Sports Programs Are Harmful Essay

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Whether or not to cancel high school sports programs has been a very sensitive subject for many years. Most people in America believe high school sports programs are beneficial to its students while some believe that high school sports programs are harmful. It is absurd that anyone could think that canceling high school sports programs is a good idea. Sports have been an integral part of life and human culture that dates all the way back to the first Olympic Games over two thousand years ago. The only outcome that could come from canceling high school sports programs is disaster. It is a terrible idea to cancel high school sports, there are many benefits to students who play sports in high school.
Sports helps students gain social skills that they normally would have been deprived of. For those students who struggle with shyness this is an immense benefit. Nothing can compare to the sense of camaraderie that belonging to a sports team can give. Belonging to a group of like-minded individuals and being surrounded by people who have the same interest and goals exposes the student to a totally different social scene that they might otherwise have never met. When playing sports you not only gain a connection with the other participants in the sport you gain a connection with the people who are watching it. Fans cheering the students’ name, yelling words of encouragement to the athlete on the field helps increase the students’ self-esteem. As the students’ self-esteem increases his social networking skills increase, his performance in the class room will improve. Whether the student excels or fails in the sport is irrelevant, contributing to a sports team helps students obtain important social skills like leadership, sympathy and empa...

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...ls in the blood stream rejuvenates the body, helping the student feel energized. The physical activity in sports not only combats obesity, laziness and physiological health it also helps students live a healthier lifestyle.
Cancelling high school sports programs to save money is an extremely bad idea. Teenagers would not benefit from having sports programs removed from their schools, doing so would have a crippling effect on teenage culture. The students who partake in high school sports programs become adults who have a positive impact on our society. Removing high school sports programs will ultimately impact our way of life. Any argument that states the cost savings is worth incapacitating the future of our nation is a fallacy and must be thrown out with the trash. It is time to stand up for what is right and keep high school sports programs alive in our schools.

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