Essay about High School Should Start Later Than Elementary School

Essay about High School Should Start Later Than Elementary School

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Have you ever had a restless night of sleep? The feelings of achiness and
fatigue overwhelms you the whole day. Now imagine that you slept this was every night. Accomplishing simple tasks would be difficult if one is sleep deprived. Performing at your potential would almost be impossible. In order to get rid of these unforgettable feeling many people would sleep late and go to bed early. But with such early start times for high school many students feel sleep deprived and do not achieve their best. Doing so would improve students health. Some individuals feel that keeping the start times at their current time would be best for parents and school districts. However, many people believe that delaying school start times would positively impact students, outweighing the disadvantages. I believe that delaying school start times would be a magnificent idea for many schools.
One reason why high school should start later than elementary schools is that with such early start times, the average high school students do not get enough sleep and are considered sleep deprived. According to a survey completed by The National Sleep Foundation, only 20% of high school students sleep the optimal 9 hours on school nights and 60% of children under the age of 18 have complained that they are tired throughout the school day to their parents (“School Start”). Sleep depravity is very common among high school students. With disadvantaged sleep patterns, adolescents have decreased mental sharpness and ability to pay attention during school hours. Therefore, grades and test scores are lower than their potential. In fact, “a recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation showed that only 20 percent of teenagers report getting the optimal 9 hours of sleep o...

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...ld be an aspect school districts should evaluate. However, others may feel that pushing back start times would interfere with parent and administrative schedules. Clearly, the best viewpoint on this subject is to revise start times for high schools in order for students to obtain a more desirable sleep cycle and overall improved health.

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