Essay on High School Should Start Later: HS Arrival Time

Essay on High School Should Start Later: HS Arrival Time

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High school arrival times can have a huge impact on the daily routine of teenagers across the United States. The negative effects of early arrivals can range from depression and sleep deprivation. High schools across the nation have been experimenting to find the “perfect” start time for their stundentsstudents. Some schools begin their day earlier than 7:30 AM, while others begin well after 9:00 AM. Start times are important due to the fact that , because they generally set the rhythm of the day for students. It has been proven that teenager’s body clocks are set to a unique schedule due to changes during puberty. These changes cause teenagers to go to sleep at a later time and wake up later in the morning. Because of this, students who attend early-starting schools generally receive less sleep than those who attend later-starting schools. Also, research shows students in early-starting schools are more likely to be tardy and absent than students in later-starting schools (Lamberg). Creating an arrival time that compliments the unique schedule of teenagers would encourage students to arrive on time, boost individual student achievement, and allow students to get more sleep. High schools should start later in the morning to better benefit the students both academically and for their healthents.
High schools frequently have problems with tardy and absent students. Starting school bells contrast with adolescents sleep patterns and needs. One fact that has been noticed through research is that later-starting schools have a higher increase in student attendance (Lamberg). Biologists have even been able to prove that it is a natural tendency for teenagers to stay up later at night and wake up later in the morning (Tonn, 2). For teena...

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...generally advocates of the time change. Even though later start times would be a hamper to after school activities, lengthening the day would help close the achievement gap between students who attend early-starting schools and later-starting schools. Later school start times can demonstrate some positive long-term effects.

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