Essay on High School 's Swim Team

Essay on High School 's Swim Team

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Have you ever decided to do something different that you would not normally do? Have you ever tried something new? I had never imagined myself competitively swimming. It was so different from anything I had ever done before, but trying it was the best decision I could ever make.
My friend Amber had been part of Mingo Central High School’s Swim Team since our first year. Actually, she was the only one on the Swim Team that year. Junior year I told her I would join. Amber and I were walking in the hallway when they called for anyone interested in swimming to go to the Commons Area. Now, had I been alone I would not have gone, but since I was with her she drug me, literally kicking and screaming.
I was never really a very athletic person. I mean, I had played Volleyball my seventh grade yea,r and I was a Cheerleader for about three years in middle school, but that was it. I knew how to, as my coach called it, “survival swim,” which is being able to keep yourself from drowning. Within the first week of practice, we learned how to swim Freestyle, which is the most basic form ...

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