High School Ready For College Or A Career Essay examples

High School Ready For College Or A Career Essay examples

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Every student should graduate from high school ready for college or a career. Every student should have meaningful opportunities to choose from upon graduation from high school. I believe the U.S. need to implement a performance-based education system, where students would complete state board qualifying examinations in the equivalent of tenth grade and then progress to either two more years of high school (for academically inclined students) or to community and some state colleges (for students who wanted to enroll in technical or vocational programs).
While Texas has developed and implemented standards as required under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), in many cases, these standards do not reflect the knowledge and skills needed for success after high school, either in further education or in a job. Four out of every 10 new college students, including half of those at two-year institutions, take remedial courses, and many employers comment on the insufficient preparation of high school graduates. States have developed assessments aligned with their standards, but in many cases theses assessments do not adequately measure student growth or the knowledge and skills that students need, nor do they provide timely, useful information to teachers and administrators.
In a collaborative society, members of the school community work together effectively and are guided by a common purpose. All members of the community, teachers, administrators, students and their families all share a common vision of what the school should be like. Together they set goals that lead them toward this vision. In doing so, they create a culture of discourse in which the most important, educational matters facing the school are openly and honestly d...

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...ructuring. (Restructuring Education McCune, Shirley)
In contrast to the school system in previous days, which winnowed the less capable students out at each step along the way and allowed a relatively few to complete high school, our education systems today are designed to propel nearly everyone from one level to the next. This is not altogether bad, but there is greater need than ever for checks along the way to ensure that appropriate standards are being met. Remedial work is better done at each stage along the way instead of being deferred until students reach the tertiary level. Otherwise, we may find ourselves attempting to do the impossible which can be filling accumulative educational gaps too large to be made up.

Restructuring Education: Shirley McCune

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