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I was born and raised in Vallejo, California, which is surrounded by it’s neighbors: Benicia, American Canyon, and Napa. If I’ve always lived in Vallejo all my life, and I even live down the street from the high school, why am I graduating here? Benicia High School of all places, the place that everyone I know makes fun of because of how much wealthier and stuck up people are there compared to people from Vallejo. I went to public school in Vallejo from kindergarten all the way until 5th grade, which then my parents put me into homeschooling. The reason why was a combination between ‘wanting better for my education’ and also both my older brothers were mixed up in gang related issues in their public high school. They wanted better for me so all of middle school year I was homeschooled. However, by 9th grade I was tired of being stuck alone at home doing studies like a guinea pig who can’t leave it’s cage. I would almost purposely rebel and not do my school work at home so eventually my parents said fuck it. My parents finally let me go to Vallejo high during my sophomore year, and for some reason my grades were doing great again. Since I wasn’t always home, I lost a lot of weight and would skate with all my friends and be this social butterfly that had fun all the time. I would actually skip school all the time with my friends yet show the A’s and B’s to my parents on my report card.

Then my dad got a job in Benicia, and this job enabled both me and my little brother to go to schools there and boy did he not lose that opportunity. If you aren’t aware of the situation with Vallejo and Benicia, it’s basically like day and night. Vallejo is the multi-cultural, predominantly brown and black ethnicity city while Benicia is a more ...

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...forced myself to succeed in school as I visited his ICU room nearly every day. After much determination, I got to visit my dad in the hospital right after I had walked the line for my graduation ceremony in my blue gown. As time goes on, I’d see him before he went to his open heart surgery right after I got back from my first couple of classes at this college. To this day he’s sitting to the left of me on the couch while I finish writing this personal narrative. It was a hard journey and I thought at multiple times in my life that I wouldn’t make it this far but perseverance and sheer motivation can lead you into reaching your ultimate goal. I never realized that my overall motivation would be my dad who’d be my enemy and my best friend to push me through this journey. All i can say now is that I owe it to him, to get a degree and let him know that I finally did it.

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