Essay on High School Never Ends, By Bowling For Soup

Essay on High School Never Ends, By Bowling For Soup

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High School after High School

The song “High School Never Ends,” by Bowling for Soup correlates to how no matter how old we get or how long we have been out of high school the drama never ends. People will continue to criticize each other. There will always be those “stuck up chicks” even after the charade of high school has come to an end. However, what we will all come to find, the reality is that even after we accomplish your four years of high school, all our obsessions with each other and their personal lives will prevail. There will always be someone who’s bigger and better and most of us will seldom change, if at all.
Although, high school could very well be the best time of our lives, there’s no denying that drama is persistent, and people are invasive. “Four years you think for sure/ That’s all you’ve got to endure.” I take a glimpse around and don’t understand the never ending obsessions and opinions that are being pitched every which way. Once we graduate we aspire that if we go to college we’ll meet a new matured community, when surely most of our graduating class will...

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