High School Memories Without Limits Essay

High School Memories Without Limits Essay

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High School Memories without Limits
In Junior High School, teachers made high school seem like some form of torture and neglect. I received a lot of attention in my advanced level classes, but that would change. During class, the instructors would babble on for an hour and a half with few announcements of upcoming assignments or time for questions. Popular upperclassmen took over the clubs and spirit groups. We had a tiny advantage during election time for class officers or homecoming if no one knew us. I could not make new friends outside of my grade level. If we did not already have friends to sit with at lunch, then upperclassmen would make fun of us. The teachers over exaggerated everything they told us about high school. By playing a joke on us, you would think they went to high school in a completely different century. Junior high teachers just loved to see the look on our faces when they told us these things, sending us off like a man dressed in red into a bullpen. High school obviously needed time to get acclimated to, but I managed to make the most of my time there.
Walking into the gym knowing all eyes shifted to me, became one of the many scary parts of the first day of high school. To cut down on confusion, the principle called everyone’s name that belonged to a specific teacher for homeroom. The annoying voice in my head kept saying “DO NOT TRIP,” “Did I do my hair right?” or “Are my clothes okay?” My schedule did not seem like something I had not encountered before, honors classes. In each class, I got to know my teacher on a personally. By the end of the first nine weeks, I knew if they would allow me to eat in their class, one of my main concerns. Also, how well they prepared me for quizzes or tests, how much I ...

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...entually the majority of my peers knew me by name, because of all the things I got involved in. As a class officer, I became closer to my fellow classmates, because I always communicated with them.
I wish I could go back and tell all my junior high teachers that they should be ashamed of themselves for making students so afraid of high school. I had great teachers that helped in any and every way possible. Participating in all of the clubs did make me popular I guess you could say, but I jumped right on in them as “fresh meat” instead of waiting until I became an upper classmen. I learned that good things could come out of changing your routine a little and trying something new. Going from a cheerleader co-captain to a dance captain in only three years proves that point. The biggest lesson I learned is, DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR JUNIOR HIGH TEACHERS ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL!

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