High School : Lack Of Experience Essay

High School : Lack Of Experience Essay

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Lack of Experience

How are kids suppose to learn the most valuable lessons in life if their parents don’t allow it? Overprotective parenting causes kids to miss out on lessons that best prepare them for their futures. Most lessons are best learned when someone fails, or does something wrong. Failure helps teach and guide people how to overcome their tasks so they can eventually become successful. People learn from their failures, which will later on help them in one way or another in their futures. Although overprotective parents think they are helping their children avoid harm, or getting hurt, it is causing their kids to miss out on experiences that can help guide them throughout their lives. Not only do kids miss out on life lessons, they can also possibly miss out on the joys of life. Having overprotective parents can cause children or teens to miss out on great experiences that you only get the chance to do as a kid.

Throughout high school, most people create and experience many different friendships with people. Depending how close you become with this friend, usually you meet their parents. I witnessed many different levels of parenting, ranging from not caring at all, to parents that are way too overprotective. I just happened to be best friends with a girl that had the most overprotective parents. My friend Sierra wasn 't allowed to do most things that teenagers do. For example, she couldn 't date till she was 16, rarely got to go out and eat, and wasn 't allowed to go to anyone 's house unless their parents called hers. Well this only created her to become sneaky and lie to her parents all the time. In the Side Effects of Overprotective Parenting Doug Hewitt mentions, “Teens often test the boundaries of their overpr...

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...he same experiences of her peers and I because her parents wouldn 't allow it. I felt bad for my friend Sierra; it really made me realize the affects of strict parents on kids. It held her back from experiences that everyone should experience and take with them throughout their lives.

Although overprotective parents are just doing what they do because they love their kids, they need to step back and really think about the involvement their kids can be missing out on. Not only do they miss out on important experiences, it can cause them to have bad relationships and communication levels with their parents, which they could possibly carry with them throughout their lives. I am not saying parents shouldn 't care and let their kids do whatever they want, but they need to find a way to keep their kids safe without holding them back from life lessons and experiences.

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