Essay on High School Is The Secondary School

Essay on High School Is The Secondary School

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High School is the secondary school that is supposed to prepare you for a bigger step in your life, which is attending college, and have a further into your education, but does it actually prepare you for it? High school and college have so many differences. Such as college is far more expensive than high school, the work load is more challenging in college, and for social aspects high school has more of an advantage. High school in my opinion is more “sugar coating” the process you have ahead in life. Paying bills, being in debt, and doing everything on your own. I honestly believe that high school should be more involved in what you have to do as an adult such as paying taxes. High school should ease you into this process instead being hit with it all at once.
In High school students don’t need to pay for tuition because the government funds it. Such as for college depending on the student’s selections for college tuition can range from $20,000 to about $60,000 a year. A community college student it’s only $2,000 a year but depending on the major. For the textbooks the High school provides it for the students without having the students spend one penny. As for college students unfortunately have to spend let alone hundreds on one textbook. College is very expensive and most students have to have a job or more than one to afford it but then have no time or energy to do the work and work hard. When in High school students live off their parents and parents provide. Lastly for living arrangements high school students usually live with their parents and parents such as food, necessities, and medical expenses provide their expenses. College students if aren’t living at home have to pay living arrangements, if living at school stude...

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...ds that I was with since 4th grade and went through middle school with, but in college everyone went through their own way and spread out. In college I just go to classes and leave, I actually haven’t met anyone in college to have as a friend.
In conclusion, there’s so much difference between high school and college, which I feel that the transition is so rash and should be ease into it. Seeing that high school is a secondary school that is supposed to prepare you for college. Examples the cost of college and paying for tuition but high school is funded by the government, the workload difference for high school and college, and lastly the social aspects of high school and how it differs from college. High school should be more challenging and have more information how college is going to be like and how it’s going to be difficult and something to be taken seriously.

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