High School Is Like A Jungle Or A Zoo Essay

High School Is Like A Jungle Or A Zoo Essay

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thing called life

High school is like a jungle or a zoo, sometimes it even feels like the movie maze chaser it 's that thing you have to to do in order to get to the next thing in life it’s like if you skip this one important step everything else just crumbles like a cookie. See that 's the thing I had no idea where I was going I was just drifting in the dead sea and that 's when my ship crashed.

It’s 2013 my junior year of high school you know, prom the guy of your dreams is about to ask you out, you driving that new honda accord your parents just got you because you passed your DMV drivers test, about to get hired to work at forever 21, you have the best squad goals ever to go to homecoming with and you and your mom have the tightest daughter and mother relationship you could ever ask for right?, WRONG that was anything but my reality.

Now I wasn 't your average bad kid the one who flipped desks over, walk out of class, bad mouth the teacher and really just think it was funny to be the class clown that got in trouble in fact I was the polar opposite I was the raise your hand, wait for your turn, all around study buddy type of student but it all went wrong I would do my homework but not hand it in or I just didn 't have it done most of the time.

It’s 2013 my junior year of high of school the house phone would not and could not stop ringing, it was as if we worked in the emergency room of a hospital, every time I saw my school name pop up on the screen I knew it meant nothing good, in that moment in time all I could do was wish I could go invisible like susan storm from the fantastic 4. I was dreading what was next my name to be called down to prosecution as I made my way down the stairs I was moving as slow as gary on s...

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...til you can show me you can do what needs to be done and will make something out of yourself. I 'm in silence as tears are rolling down my face.

Present day February 16,2016 as I sat and wrote this paper it brought out so many emotions I wasn 't sure how much detail to put some conversations where raw and other times we didn 't even speak, I have now been in college for a total of 3 weeks coming up on my fourth things really haven 't changed I call her here and there because she won 't allow me to go a month without calling I don 't know who 's mother would but it 's on a better track I guess I just still wish things would go back to the way they were before high school, before the betrayal, before it was time for me to make life changing decisions but that 's life. I will make sure to keep you updated for the summer of 2016 sincerely the girl who was lost in life.

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