High School Is A Rough Place Essay

High School Is A Rough Place Essay

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High school is a rough place and in order to succeed you need a lot of influences and traits in your life. Being successful in school involves more than intelligence, you also need family, friends, a good attitude and future plans. Without these traits high school can be difficult. Not everyone has these traits handed to them, for some have to work for success. Life is like a deck of cards not everyone is handed the same hand of cards, but even the worst cards can win. Therefore, based on my skills and influences in my life, I will be highly successful in my high school career.
To begin, intelligence is one of my key factors in succeeding in high school. Out of a deck of cards I rated myself a jack for intelligence. I chose a jack to represent my intelligence because I have high grades in school, but I lack common sense. When it comes to school I have a lot of intelligence, especially in algebra. Algebra is one of my highest grades, I always ace the tests. Whenever there is an algebra test Ms. York gives “high score high-fives” to the kids with the highest scores on the test, and I have always received a “high score high-five”. Another subject that comes easily to me is Spanish. In Spanish I have received one-hundreds on all of my vocab tests, as well as a ninety-five or above on the unit tests. For me Spanish is easy, and I do not need to study a lot for the tests. However, Honors English is a bit of a struggle for me. On essays I either fail or barely pass. I do have a few strengths in English and that would include vocab tests, but I always make sure to study for the tests. I may not be the most intelligent person in high school, but my intelligence will surely help me succeed.
In addition, my family is another one of my key fa...

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Finally, my future is my wild card, the influence that empowers me to do my best and too succeed in high school. To start, my dream career is to be a trauma/emergency surgeon because I want to help save lives. I have received many college pamphlets about checking out their college and considering them, which I feel is a great accomplishment. Another example would be the letters I have received about joining medical youth leaderships over the summer. The leaderships would help me with my future career and receiving these letters motivates me to try harder in school. In order for me to keep receiving letters and college pamphlets I have to keep my high grades. I look forward to the day I can say that I successfully graduated from high school and I have a bright future ahead of me. Overall, my high school success is very important to me and what my future brings.

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