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High School : High Standards Essay

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High School = High Standards
High school “Best years of your life”, “Your friends forever”, “you need to make friends”, “sports are for the popular people”. All silly things that people fill one’s head with. For most this is never true. The best thing one can do in high school is please themselves. The worst thing to do in high school is to force yourself to fit in. One’s wants and needs vary from person to person. So just because there is a bigger group that enjoys the opposite of one doesn’t mean that you should conform just to have friends. True friends are better than fake ones. The more in touch a person can get with oneself in situations where you have to pretend, the more you let other people shape you, when really the only person who should be able to do that is you. In the past many have experienced that having no friends at all is better than having fake friends. Fake friends make many feel lonelier then having no friends. High school is a time for many opportunities, however, there are two that shine brightest in importance. Firstly, to be academically successful and secondly, to become comfortable with oneself and in one’s everyday life. For many, high school is not the best years of one’s life, its only four short bull shit years that honestly won’t mean anything to others when one graduates and moves on with their life’s. For most cases, the friends made in the college have a longer lasting relationship in the future than those made in high school.
After a month of classes, I went to Madison to visit some of my friends that attend Madison. By the end of the weekend I missed Platteville so much and realized the friends I had made back home were no longer worth my time. In the 3-4 weeks of college I became so in touch...

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...ng you’re not. Step three: I’m just fucking with you there are no steps although those first two should be life goals no matter what. High school is full of people who will either like you or don’t. Please don’t be hurt if people don’t like you because they clearly have poor taste in people if you are nice and honest. Do your part in being a good person lead by example, I bet a lot of people will like you if you do that over conforming.
So in high school just shut out your silly stereotypical movie laws to being a high schooler because this isn’t High School Musical, or Grease, or Mean Girls. Because let’s be honest you don’t even go there. We aren’t all in this together, we are here to get into college and make something out of ourselves, the faster you realize that the faster you will be successful. So, you better shape up, cause to your education you must be true.

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