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Both my parents are zoologist and I've been homeschooled my whole life so I can go wherever there were takes them. When I was four years old we move to Africa I researched. After twelve years a living the bush country of Africa their research is finally over seven moving back to the United States and settling in Evanston , Illinois, where I will be attending North Shore high school.
As I walk to my first class I wasn't sure what to expect when you buy high school or the things I seen a movie. I didn't know whether everyone was going to randomly burst into song and start dancing and elaborate dancing sense starring the basketball team and the smart new girl, or if there would be spit balls and paper airplanes flying everywhere. As I walked in I sat down in the first empty desk I saw.
"Hi he must be the new girl, i'm Janis and this is Damian."
"I'm Damian, yes I'm single but gay so you don't fall in love with me." He said jokingly.
"Thank God he told me I almost fell in love with you in the past five seconds we have been talking." I joked.
"So where you from?" Asked Janis.
"Africa." I said they both laughed. "Really?" And Janis. "Yes." I said.
"But you're white." Laughed Damian.
"Ya crazy huh." I said jokingly. Then walked in the single most gorgeous thing of ever seen in my life. It was as if he was walking in slow motion, in jeans that fit him perfectly with a red shirt. He flicked his luscious brown hair out of his eyes and as his eyes met my he smiled the best smile I have ever seen. "Who's that?" I asked. That's Aaron Samuels, but he's not available." Replied Damian. "He has a girlfriend?" I ask disappointed. "No but he does have an ex-girlfriend, Regina George, and he's not worth dealing with her and her minions." Said Jani...

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...ak out. Oh and then Katy, you know my friend Katy, she got all her friends to turn on her.” I can’t believe Janis just told everyone that! But most of all I can’t believe that I did all of that. Regina ran out of the school so I ran after her. I tried to apologize but she just ignored me. Then she stopped in the middle of the road. “You know what everyone says about you? They say you’re a home school jungle freak that’s a less hot version of me. Yeah they say that so take your fake apology and …” BOOM! Regina got hit by a bus. And that’s Regina George died. No, just kidding but she did fracture her spine. At that moment I learned something. Forgiveness is always necessary if it wasn’t for Regina, Gretchen and Karen for forgiving me I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. And if it wasn’t for Janis and Damian for forgiving, I wouldn’t have any friends.

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