High School Education Is Becoming Essay

High School Education Is Becoming Essay

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Recent studies show, that a high school education is presently becoming less and less useful. It is stated, “Two-thirds of college professors report that what is taught in high school does not prepare students for college” (Broad, para.3). In high schools, many students see their education and teachers as a joke; they blame their attitudes on the teachers and administration in the high schools because they are too lenient. Students would take their high school education seriously if their teachers and administration were tougher on them and they would not try to get by. High school education needs to be more complex to prepare young adults for the real world and college, if college is to be considered. In this essay, I will prove that high school education is becoming useless by not preparing students for the necessary standardized end of course exams, SAT and ACT tests to get into college, nor does it prepare students for college level courses.
In most cases, high schools require students to take end of course exams also known as “EOCs.” Many students complain about the tests being too hard and that they have never seen or learned about most of the questions or information that is given on the tests. EOCs are not made by teachers but, sadly, by the school districts, and that is where the problem begins. The districts make the test “by the book”; they go by standards that are supposed to be taught in schools, but are hardly ever taught because of lack of time, or effort by the teachers. Teachers teach how and what they want. For the most part, they do whatever makes them comfortable and teach whatever interests them. As a result, students consistently fail the EOC’s because of the lack of preparation and thought of the teachers....

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... and that is understandable. College is not for everybody; high school probably was enough. Since everyone does not go to college because it is not required, high school needs to require more learning and seriousness; if it were more learning involved, then it would be less of a hardship once the students hit the real world. Broad stated, “Many American children are not prepared to compete for careers or jobs in a 21st century knowledge-based economy” (para.3). If high schools do not try to prepare students for the real world all four years of high school, the last year should at least be the year it is stressed. Students should be prepared for every tough obstacle that comes their way, such as standardized end of course exams, the SAT and ACT tests to get into college, and the ultimate goal for many, stepping into the next chapter in life, college or the work force.

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