High School Dropouts And Its Effect On Society Essay

High School Dropouts And Its Effect On Society Essay

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American daily life is always changing. In the 1970s men dropping out of high school were still able to support their families and make a decent living. These days, dropping out of high school is practically economic suicide. In 2008 54% of high school dropouts were declared unemployed; this compared to only 13% of those with a degree (Dillon, P.1). In 2009 the average income for high school dropouts was less than half the wages earned by one with a four year college degree (Simmons P.1). In order to lower the high school drop out rates, that are negatively effecting America, the education system must consider alternative schooling methods and easier access to after school activities.
The problem, high school dropouts negatively effect society and the individual in multiple ways. American expenses are funded by the tax payer. One of the major expenses is its ' prison system. In fact, every time a child drops out of school it cost society $292,000.00 with a majority of that cost going towards incarceration (Dillon P.1). Unfortunately, incarceration is not the only major expense of this epidemic. One Laura Simmons, a Social Research Specialist at UNC Charlotte Urban Institute and the director of the Charlotte Regional Indicators Project, notes her own astounding research on the impact every high school drop out has on society:
"Lower earnings and wealth for people without diplomas affect local, state, and national economies through reduced buying power, lower tax revenues, diminished worker productivity and more spending on social assistance programs. Further, states and cities with less educated populations find it harder to attract new business investment, " (Simmons P.1).
While Simmons and Dillon effectively highlight the backla...

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...ng their own potential by dropping out school. Socially they are now seen differently and statistically likely to fall into poverty or even incarceration. When a child quits on their own education, America as a nation suffers from lack of productivity (P. 12). No single individual is unaffected by this issue and yet most don 't even realize the colossal impact it has. Americans must start educating themselves and asking those who have been directly impacted by this about what difficulties it has caused for them. Life is long, school is hard and earning an income gets even more tedious and difficult. Why do American 's insist on keeping the educational system unenjoyable for its ' students? Drastic measures to make school a communal atmosphere and place of happiness should be taken to ensure students are staying in school to to better themselves as much as possible.

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