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High School Dropout Rates Essay

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Throughout the years the percentage of students dropping out of high school has increased. “Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That’s a student every 26 seconds or 7,000 a day” (11 Facts About High School Dropout Rates). One student that leaves school may not seem that much, but one student can become several more, until most jobs such as Wendy 's, McDonald, factories and many more in this category will have a high percentage of high school dropouts. But not only will they be working low paying jobs but also “In the U.S., high school dropouts commit about 75% of crimes”(11 Facts About High School Dropout Rates). A parent’ view, and vision for their child is to achieve success, to accomplish what they couldn’t, and most importantly to never experience all the hardships they once did. But the same story will repeat like a cycle if teens start dropping out of high school to get a job, and perhaps it will seem passable the first couple of years, but it will not be enough for the future. And it can happen to anyone, family member, brother/sister, cousins, daughter/son-in-law, to anyone. Making a decision to act and start right away has to be decided, because the longer it takes to take a stand and try to solve these problems, the harder it will get to fix them. Having that said, once the decision to find solutions and it is in practice, it will not change overnight, but it will take some time. These problems include paying more attention to middle school students and freshmen year in high school, making sure that those students with low-income parents don’t have to leave school to help their parents, and most importantly engage with parents.
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...g the sophomore and junior years to “students who are at risk of not graduating because of deficiencies in course credits, the possibility of failing the state high school exit exam (a condition of graduation), or poor grades” (Furger). An evaluation done by Paul Toss of Sacramento County Office of Education 's Center for Student Assessment and Program Accountability, shows that students who receive visits are more likely to pass their exams. “Home visits work because ‘People don’t care about what you know until they know that you care” (Home). The parent-teacher home visit project’ mission statement states, “PTHVP increases student and school success by building and sustaining a national network of partners who effectively implement and advance our relationship-based home-visit model of family and teacher engagement in public schools across the United States” (Home).

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