High School College Debt Free Such As Scholarships, Working, And Community College

High School College Debt Free Such As Scholarships, Working, And Community College

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How do struggling families afford to send their soon to be high school graduate to college? Every parent wants their child to be successful. Many families want to send their child to college, but cannot afford it. They think of many ways to help them pay for some of the tuition. There are many ways to graduate college debt free such as scholarships, working, and community college.
Families pay to send their children to college can put that family in a lot of debt. Each year college tuition increases. As an example. “All the while, the cost of tuition and fees has continued to increase faster than the rate of inflation, faster even than medical spending” (Martin 5). It’s getting harder and harder for families to pay to send their child to college. Families with low income can’t afford to send their kids to school without going completely broke. With college tuition rising, it is only making the debt rise as well. It’s making it almost impossible for a person to want to continue their education. For example, “Mae study found that 38 percent of student loan borrowers reported that their debt had prevented them from pursuing grad school” (Steinberg 15). Students don’t want the burden of debt on their shoulders. Many students go half to most of their life playing back all the debt they had received from continuing their education. Many students end up moving back in with their parents because they can’t afford to live on their own. The debt is so overwhelming to those student.
There are many ways to afford college tuition. To begin with, scholarships are one way to get money for tuition. Many people don’t think they qualify for scholarships, but what they don’t know is there 's scholarships for everyone. A person can get a schola...

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...t option a student should have to resort too. It takes a great amount of power for high school students to want to save money for college. These students will have to use every little strength they have not to spend it on all their wants. Finally, Community college is a great choice. Community college saves a lot of money in the long run. More students should want to aim to go towards a community college and even an instate university. The price to attend is very cheap.
In conclusion, college can be one of the best place a parent can send their child. Every parent wants to see their children be successful, but can’t if college tuition keeps rising. College is a great opportunity and everyone should want to go and experience the college life. With the helpful tips of scholarships, working, and community college, a parent can look forward to affording college tuition.

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