Essay on High School Basketball : A Discourse Community

Essay on High School Basketball : A Discourse Community

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High School Basketball
In the Swales document we looked at in class, a discourse community has a set of common goals (Discourse Community). In high school basketball, the goal is to win the state championship. Also, a discourse community uses a specific jargon (Discourse Community). We see this in the rules and how some players and coaches communicate. Finally, a discourse community has its new members learn from experienced members (Discourse Community). This is evident when we talk about learning the fundamentals from the coaches. High school basketball can be a very diverse discourse community because while every team has different ways of doing things, they all have the same end goal of being the state champions. Basketball has always been an interest to me from growing up playing the game to only being able to play pickup games and not competitively like in high school. I play basketball, not only because it gives me a source of exercise, but it also allows me to be engaged in a competitive atmosphere again. To play basketball, you start knowing little and learn from your coach a lot more. It is important to learn how the game works from the different techniques of the game to the rules, goals, and communication that come with the game of basketball.
Basketball is defined as a game where two teams of five play each on a rectangular court, usually indoors (Basketball/Sport). Basketball was invented by James Naismith on December 1, 1891 (Basketball/Sport). The object of basketball is to shoot the basketball through the opposing team’s basket and to out-score them by end of the regulation time limit. If the score is tied at this time, the game will go into overtime until one team wins. While reading about basketball, I found i...

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...g back we see that while basketball can be diverse in the way teams strategize, communicate and compete, but are similar at the same time. They are similar in the fact that they all learn they all have the same goal and that goal is to win. High school basketball can help instill values such as hard work, respect, team work, and good communication skills in kids. Values, all of which are applicable in real life situations and can be used in their adult lives as their working environments could demand the need for teamwork and application. As I was always told basketball is 20% talent and 80% strength of mind.

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