High School Athletes Should Not Be Banned Essay

High School Athletes Should Not Be Banned Essay

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The emotion is intense. Everyone in the gym is on the edge of his or her seat. Time is expiring as the final shot for the win sails through the air. The buzzer sounds… Athletics are a critical element of high school lives--whether it be playing for or supporting one’s team. In order to accomplish success in a season, these supporting individuals are forced to rely on a select few of premier athletes. From day one of tryouts, these athletes are crafted and molded based on their hard work as well as their ability to play in accordance with the coach’s style. At a varsity level, where victory has his or her job on the line, coaches should not be required to play every member of the team equally.
From a young age, elite athletes put in the dedication to their respective sport(s). While too many youth sports seem to be simply a fun activity, in all actuality, it is preparation for high school athletics. Players who put in time in the offseason, put in extra work in the weight room, and put in the extra effort during the game should not be benched based solely on the rules set by the district or state. As a member of the Pocatello High School boys’ basketball team, I have played with a group of guys since the sixth grade. I have seen and participated in the extra workouts, extra practices, summer camps, tournaments, and lunch meetings that are in place to propel our team to a state title. A title that can be hung in the rafters, painted on the wall, and remembered forever. Throughout the seasons we have been in some close games where the need for our best is required for victory. If a standard had been set in place requiring every member of the team to receive playing time, defeat would have been certain.
Players earn playing time by...

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...t critical pieces to play. Sports are all about the right mentality, and by having a brotherhood or sisterhood to lift morale is sometimes all one needs to perform.
In the end, the requirement for all athletes to receive equal playing time is unacceptable for the team as a whole. Players that do not see the floor as much as others, but have a good attitude and support those playing, will benefit further down the road in their lives. In the eyes of a coach and elite athletes, victory is key. Swish! As the ball coursed through the net to send the team to victory, the crowd was on their feet applauding and celebrating the hard work of the athletes on the floor. Later that night, as fans are exiting the quieting gym, the question is thought, “What would have happened if coach had played someone different? What if someone else had been depended upon to take that shot?”

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