High School At The Beginning Of College Essay

High School At The Beginning Of College Essay

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As young adults transform from their years of high school to the beginning of college, they are faced with many new challenges and obstacles. One such obstacle is the struggle of keeping a healthy diet and staying physically fit. This lack of regard can lead to weight gain, unhealthy habits, and ultimately life threatening diseases. This weight gain is commonly referred to as the Freshman Fifteen, fifteen pounds that many first-year college students gain. There are multiple reasons for this increase in weight. First, the students are constantly surrounded by unhealthy food options. Secondly, many young college students are not performing enough physical activities to stay fit. It is reported that only 35% of twenty-one year olds are engaging in vigorous physical activity as compared to the 70% of twelve year olds (Jennifer J Waldron, 2010). There is no doubt that there is an issue with weight gain throughout young college students, but the validity of the phrase, “Freshman Fifteen” is questioned. Do these students really gain up to fifteen pounds? What can be done to prevent this weight gain in the future?
The weight gain among students is a very pressing issue that cannot be ignored. It is brought upon from multiple factors, from the fear of leaving the house to the realization of living on one’s own. As young students enter into this new stage of life, the feeling of living in a different environment with many new aspects surrounding them can become very stressful for them. As Rachel Vella-Zarb put it, “As incoming freshmen prepare for college and anxiously anticipate attending difficult classes, making new friends, and moving, fear of the Freshman Fifteen may cross their minds” (Vella-Zarb, 2009). Freshman have to deal...

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...ctual physical activity that makes the difference and it gets the students of their norm and doing something physical. A lot of students cringe at the sound of going out and getting fit so it takes something, like the Krispy Kreme Challenge, to go out and cater to the students interests.
A student’s transition is a very stressful and emotional moment in their lives and it is understandable why they would deal with such high levels of anxiety, but people should have respect for their bodies and avoid becoming gluttons. There are small things that we should change to help students be better equipped for staying healthy during college. The Freshman Fifteen is a real thing and should be taken seriously by all current and to-be college students. By staying committed and taking pride in one’s health and fitness, the Freshman Fifteen can be defeated once and for all.

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