Essay High School And Youth League Sports

Essay High School And Youth League Sports

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The ‘Friday Night Lights’ have always been accompanied by their fair share of controversies, from TV shows like Friday Night Tykes, to sports related injuries. These debates are especially relevant when the topic is student athletes. High school and youth league sports have always been a popular way to get kids involved and keep them active. They not only gain the confidence required in order to preform on a field in front of a crowd of people but also acquire a group of teammates and friends who are also involved in the same sport. Being engaged in sports at the school level also includes a certain requirement in regards to grades and GPA, which is a very enticing benchmark for kids with a desire to play. In todays society, juvenile crimes are ever present, arguably in relation to boredom. According to, 29% of violent crimes committed by youth in the United States, occur between 3pm and 7pm. Minors involved in after school sports and other activities are usually at practice or a game between these times.
One argument leaning towards the stance, that minors participating in athletics does not keep them out of trouble, is the opinion that student athletes are granted more leeway than that of their purely academic counter-part. “There are still too many coaches who care more about getting a student athlete out on the court in a uniform than about getting them in a cap and gown four years later.” Arne Duncan, a columnist from Huffington Post, perfectly represents the idea that athletes’ grades are being manipulated in order for that student to see playing time on game day, which is reinforced by the ‘dumb jock’ stereotype. Pop culture is especially fond of this label, consistently portraying these players as brute...

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... to coaches and other players, along with being extremely driven.
While there are always going to be the individuals such as, former FSU Quarterback, Jameis Winston, who gives a bad reputation to the world of student athletes, there are by far more role models to look up to and more advantages to todays youth playing recreational sports in regards to keeping out of trouble. In fact, public officials in Phoenix Arizona began to keep public basketball courts open until 2am, resulting in a 55% reduction in calls related to juvenile crime (Severs, ""). Regardless of the negative connotation surrounding these athletes, keeping occupied and staying out of trouble, in addition to having specific standards needing to be met regarding grades, is a recipe aimed towards keeping kids out of jail and off of the streets, while staying active and healthy.

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