Essay on High School And College Students

Essay on High School And College Students

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Every year people are flunking out of high school and college. But what causes a person to do that, they either miss too many days, couldn’t make the grades, or just didn’t want to go anymore. School sometimes just isn’t for some people, some people out there prefer just to work and earn there own money rather than spending a lot of school. There are some that can’t afford school so they are forced to drop out. That is just a few reasons, these examples will be told with some more detail.
I personally feel that it is not completely the student’s fault to why they drop or flunk out. Parents and teachers are to blame for the drop out rate. They don’t hold teens to high standards, and sometimes give up on teens too early. I say parents are to blame because parents are the biggest influence on a kids life and if parents were troubled kids when they were young then they are most likely to have troubled kids, Especially in our economy, kids are into drugs and other criminal activities. Parents don 't convince their children enough to let them know that drugs are um acceptable. Parents don 't punish their kids enough for grades, so kids are school are reluctant to homework and to go to school. There are also parents who just let their kids have freedom and do not show care for their kids ' education or life. But there is a way we can keep kids in school. It’s to show that they actually care about their students and make school more fun. That 's why I think parents are to blame.
I’m not saying that it is only the teacher and parents fault. Some Teens are to blame for the big dropout rate. Some are not willing to work hard enough to be successful. Many of their parents try to convince them to go to school but they are very reluctant to go...

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...or flunking out is drugs. In these times drugs are easier and cheaper to obtain. Many start out on drugs that aren’t necessary dangerous or life threatening. However they slowing start doing more and more, then they get bored so they try something new. They start getting involved in a lot of different drugs and they start to become addicted. Realizing that they can afford these drugs so they start selling some to get more. Thinking that school just takes up to much time, time they could be using to sell and get more drugs. So they drop out and the rest of there life is just selling that to get this and trading these to those.
These are just a few reasons and examples to why people are dropping or flunking out of school. They are all scary but very real situations that some people face. By the time anyone notices it’s already too late and they’ve given up on school.

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