High School And College For Students Benefit Or Hinder Their Pursuit Of Postsecondary Education

High School And College For Students Benefit Or Hinder Their Pursuit Of Postsecondary Education

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Can a break between high school and college for students benefit or hinder their pursuit of postsecondary education? As the world starts to change, high school graduates are starting to take different paths to be successful. These adventurous students are breaking the tradition of going straight to college after high school to start experiencing the world for what is it. According to Today Magazine, Danielle Wood states that “a growing number of high school seniors are balking at riding the academic conveyer belt from preschool all the way to university” (1). This year away from academics after completing high school is the definition of a gap year. In the past, the idea of a gap year would not have even been an option for high school graduates. The term gap year evokes many negative ideas. Most think of a gap year as a way to tell parents or peers that they do not want to go to a university; others think of a gap year of a time to reflect and realize what path does the student wants to take in the future. While the thought of students allowing themselves to miss out on a year of c...

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