High School Administrations And Districts Essay

High School Administrations And Districts Essay

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Dear High school administrations and districts,

For many generations women have faced some type of inequality through political, economic, or social manners. However, recently women have gained more freedom as they are able to go to school, work, vote, and many other forms of freedom that were not available to them. Despite this, girls of my generation still face social inequality and this is evident in the high school system across the United States. Young teenage girls face the brutality of inequality due to the unequal enforcement of the dress code and public shaming in High Schools.

The issue at hand is not the dress code entirely but instead how the dress code is being enforced by the school’s administration. The dress code for girls generally goes along the lines of not showing one’s undergarments, wearing short shorts, or showing off one’s midriff while the dress code for guys is generally to not show off one’s undergarment, wear revealing clothes, or wearing clothes that contain offensive writing or images. In writing, both girls and boys have set rules on how they are expected to dress when attending school, but in my experience both genders are not equally expected to follow these rules.
Specifically, at school dances, guys are not allowed to wear cut up shirts that show the side of their bodies and girls are not allowed to wear short shorts or show off their midriff. These rules are set in place and highlighted in the contract when every high school teenager buys their ticket, but the enforcement of the dress code is nothing like what is stated in the contract during the night of the dances. The lines to get in are separated based on gender and ultimately the girl’s line goes along a lot slower due to the meticul...

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...rtrayal of a drawback to their education. This shows hypocrisy in the hands of the education system in America by using tactics of shame which leads to a drawback in the education of girls in order to put more value on the education of boys.

I bring this issue to your attention because the time of progress is now and we cannot achieve that if we continue to drawback progress of women in their education. It is important that we create a safe environment for girls so that they don’t have social insecurities due to the judging circumstances they are put in due to the enforcement of dress code, which can lead to girls having the inability to achieve their true potential in their education and ultimately staying true to themselves.

I hope you will help me achieve this safe environment for high school girls all over America.


Venoos Moshayedi

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