High Rates Of Unemployment Are Undesirable Essay

High Rates Of Unemployment Are Undesirable Essay

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High rates of unemployment are undesirable because they are associated with high crime and low livelihood in a country. They contribute to the low gross domestic product, which represents a country’s economic power. Especially, female workers are vulnerable to the high rates of unemployment due to the facts that female workers consider a ready-to-quit job when they prepare for labor market and quit a job for their motherhood. Therefore, firms’ several political attempts have been processed to deal with the the problems, and one of them is job sharing. The Equal Opportunities Commission in the UK defined job-sharing as “a form of part-time employment where two people voluntarily share the responsibility of one full-time position. The salary, leave and fringe benefits are divided between them according to the number of hours worked and each person holds a permanent part-time position.” It seems helpful that job-sharing provides opportunities to learn and efficient productivity among workers as a partnership, and employers can make a flexible coverage when one is either sick-abscent or on vacation. In contrast, several concerns rise and give a doubtful view on the advantages of job-sharing. Therefore, this paper is to discuss and analyze various pros and concerns for job sharing and provide a compromising suggestion.
Job-sharing reduces labor’s demand for increasing wage rate and increases labor supply due to a decrease in labor time. Because two people in the same position work together and earn the same wage, the amount of base wage paid to a worker per unit of time increases as actual labor time decreases holding wage constant. Accordingly , in labor demand it shifts the line to the right and results in increase in quantity of l...

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...within an economy. Therefore, low inflation rate will lower the burden of low-income families and will be more willing to accept job sharing policy. In addition, schools should provide adequate facilities and activities to serve scientific and mathematical interests to young students. According to Lost Talent: Women in the Sciences again, women and men basically have the equal quality of math and science. It suggests that ‘although young women receive low achievement in the subjects they are likely to reinforce their ability to understand the subjects in support with accessibility to sufficient science and math activities and facilities.’ Therefore, governmental public program to finance public schools would further their educational achievement and women workers will be able to get a job where it needs high profession and wilinglly offer job-sharing advantages.

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