High Quality Program And Effective Curriculum Essay

High Quality Program And Effective Curriculum Essay

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Regardless of how the curriculum is organized, administrators must assure there is a balance of content areas addressed in the curriculum so that children develop a broad foundation of skills and knowledge that will prepare them for success in kindergarten and beyond (Gadzikowski 2013). Everyone has a role to play and giving children the opportunity to learn is the main reason why the education field has set standards and guides to help plan a high-quality program and effective curriculum. Make decisions based on the learning and developmental needs of children, focus on their cognitive, affective and physical domains, use classroom management techniques and daily schedules to enhance their experience and pay attention to your programs philosophies, mission and vision and other factors are a must for administrators.
High-quality preschool programs are essential to children’s development and set the foundation for a positive educational journey. Through the use of teacher directed and student initiated activities, students become more engaged in learning and therefore develop the skills necessary to become self-directed learners. By stimulating their interest and motivating a love for learning, teachers can use preschool curricula to build school- and life-related skills. There have been links between play and child development, especially in the areas of creativity, reasoning, executive function, and regulation of emotions (Bodrova, Germeroth, & Leong 2103). Active play is needed for healthy brain growth and not only strengthens muscles, but stimulates brain activity leading to higher levels of interest and curiosity. Through play children are able to try out different ways to handle and address stressful or hurtful situations a...

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...it comes to program and curriculum planning, many individuals take on different roles, but what is most important it that there is intentionality behind the decisions being made.
When programs and curriculums are being planned, keeping in mind how children learn is the best mind set. What is that children want to learn? What should children be learning? What is developmentally appropriate? These are the questions administrators and teachers should be answering while they plan programs and curriculum. When administrators make decisions based on the learning and developmental needs of children, focus on their cognitive, affective and physical domains, use classroom management techniques and daily schedules to enhance their experience and pay attention to your programs philosophies, mission and vision their planning process becomes intentional and that more effective.

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