Essay about High Power Microwaves

Essay about High Power Microwaves

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“Too often we measure everything and understand nothing.” according to Jack Welch. So the government has decided to take a closer look at high powered Micro waves. In his paper I‘m going to speak to you about high power microwaves, it’s applications, a comparison of two different types, some of the history, and the findings in results of its research. “High power microwaves (HPM) is an imprecise term used by several communities [1]. In the DoD it pertains primarily to the generation of high peak power bursts of narrowband (coherent) electromagnetic radiation spanning” a specific frequency range, according to E. Schamiloglu of Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of New Mexico. Directed energy once only apart of every day scifi television can now be apart of everyday life. Laser pointers used for night gazing, fax machines for work, and checkout product scanners are the norm, but a region of directed energy spectrum that has had much less concentration and interest is high power micro-wave technology radar and communication systems. More specifically “moderate average power, broad-bandwidth,” which is used for longer sustained power release and “active denial technology” which is used for nonlethal crowd control. We see as of late that the government has decided the role of high power microwave technology and its applications should be more for the defense es-abolishment, but there are so many more applications in todays world. In recent years and today the need in the modern battlefield is a “target rich environment” for high power micro-wave weapons. With the exception of the standard explosives knives and guns Nearly all equipment contains some kind of electronics. Recently in the gulf war The average sol...

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...of hearing voices or noises which were not of the targets own thought processes. Doing this you could literally make the targets think he was insane.

HPM is a wonderful, outstanding, and horrible technology. In this paper I spoke to you about high power microwaves, it’s applications, a comparison of two different types, some of the history, and the findings in results of its research. Once upon a time directed energy was just a act vision from the television and soon the it will change the face of war, crime, our medical world and the way we view electricity and electromagnetics power. We have only just begun to crack open Pandora’s box of weapons and medical miracles. Just as the Internet started as a simple way for secret agencies to communicate and became a part of the heart of mainstream world this technology will also leak into our streets and our homes.

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