Essay on High Performance : Thin Film Transistors

Essay on High Performance : Thin Film Transistors

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High-performance pentacene thin-film transistors operating at low voltages were produced using hafnium (Hf)-based blend gate dielectrics. Pristine HfOx and several compositions of crosslinked HfOx/1,6-bis(trimethoxysily)hexane blend (CLHB) dielectric films were prepared and deposited by the solution-processed sol–gel chemistry. The p-type pentacene was deposited on the dielectrics by the neutral cluster beam deposition method. The dielectric properties and film morphologies were systematically examined with respect to the relationship between the compositions of blend dielectrics and device performance. In comparison to the pristine HfOx-based OFETs, the CLHB-based transistors showed better device performance owing to the low leakage current and high capacitance. The optimum blend composition was found to be a molar ratio of a precursor HfCl4 and a crosslinker 1,6-bis(trimethoxysily) hexane = 1:0.5 showing the leakage current ~2 × 10-7 at 2 MV/cm and capacitance ~137 nF/cm2. The corresponding low-voltage OFETs exhibited excellent device characteristics of a high hole-carrier mobility of 1.6 cm2/Vs and a current on/off ratio of 2 × 105 operating under −4 V. The performance enhancement, which was closely correlated to the blend dielectrics, is also discussed.

Keywords: HfOx dielectrics; Pentacene; Crosslinked organic–inorganic blend dielectric; Organic field effect transistor; Neutral cluster beam deposition method.

In fabricating and characterizing organic-based integrated circuits (ICs), one of the essential circuit components is organic field-effect transistors (OFETs). Thin film- based OFETs use crystalline active layers of semiconducting π-conjugated organic and polymeric solids formed b...

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...electric-coated heavily n-doped Si substrates using a shadow mask (0.5 × 0.5 mm2). The capacitances of the HfOx and CLHB dielectrics were measured using an impedance analyzer (HP4284A), and the thicknesses were measured using ellipsometry (Rudolph Co.) and an alpha-step surface profile monitor (Tencor Co.). The morphology and crystallinity of the pentacene layers deposited on the various dielectrics were examined using an atomic force microscopy (AFM: PSI Co.) and X-ray diffraction (XRD: Rigaku Co.), respectively. The contact angles were investigated using a contact-angle goniometer (Kyowa Interface Science Co.). The leakage current density of the HfOx and CLHB dielectrics and current–voltage (I–V) characteristics of the OFETs were measured using an optical microscope probe station attached to an HP4145A semiconductor parameter analyzer under ambient conditions.

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