High Performance Architecture for IP Based Multihop Networks Essay

High Performance Architecture for IP Based Multihop Networks Essay

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High performance Architecture for IP based multihop 802.11 Networks
The concept of a forwarding node, which receives packets from upstream nodes and then transmits these packets to downstream nodes, is a key element of any multihop network, wired or wireless. While high-speed IP router architectures have been extensively studied for wired networks, the concept of a “wireless IP router” has not been addressed so far.

This article provides all the problems and methods for increasing the throughput in multihop networks by changing the MAC layer and enhancing it with IP packet forwarding and routing. In a wireless network packet forwarding involves reception in wireless interface, transfer of packet to IP layer where next hop IP and MAC address is determined using routing lookup. The current 802.11 DCF MAC either receives or transmits a packet but does not forward a packet (receiving and transmitting in the same interface).This paper presents two concepts 1) The packet forwarding is completely done within the network interface card NIC, by combining MAC layers forwarding with next hop address lookup using MPLS( Multiprotocol label switching ) labels. 2) MAC which focus on simultaneous data transfer in corresponding cells, which increases the system throughput.

To perform the next hop lookup, the NIC is improved to store a label switching table which consists of incoming MAC address, label and outgoing MAC address, labels. All the packets having the same route will use the same outgoing MAC address, label. Overheads are eliminated by defining DCMA which combines ACK/RTS packet that is sent to the MAC broadcast address.

Simulation results show 50% reduction in forwarding latency using the DCMA. Three different approaches ...

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