High Motivation And Anxiety Management Strategies Essay

High Motivation And Anxiety Management Strategies Essay

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Classrooms are filled with students of different learning levels, developmental rates, and various amounts of self-esteem and determination. Educators have the daily challenge of finding new teaching strategies, as well as stimulating and maintaining student motivation, and minimizing anxiety in the classroom. Educational theorists believe that motivation is a large factor of and has a strong impact on academic achievement. Classroom environment, specific teaching strategies and encouraging autonomy may be considered in order for teachers to promote motivation in the classroom. In addition to motivation, decreasing anxiety can also lead to positive learning outcomes. Teachers can incorporate clear guidelines, goals, and support to lower anxiety. Practicing anxiety management strategies may also be a lifelong skill teachers can offer students. High motivation and anxiety management strategies can result in academic achievement in the classroom, and personal success outside the classroom, as well.
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
Educators and researchers believe that motivation in the classroom is essential in promoting academic success. Woolfolk states that students who are motivated to learn can find meaning and worth behind academics, and may recognize their benefits (2013). Motivation can be separated into two types: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation can be defined as performing activities for the internal purpose of personal interest or self-satisfaction. Intrinsic motivation does not require outside incentives or influence but can be sparked by self-determination. In contrast, extrinsic motivation can be defined as the completion of tasks for the purpose of satisfying an external influence, factor o...

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...assurance reminds students that making mistakes is acceptable, and they will not be punished, but rather encouraged to succeed.
Support is essential when inspiring students to reach goals. Teaching students to be goal-oriented will not only keep them motivated, but it will give them necessary skills for the real world. Goals keep outcomes in sight and a person organized. Sub-goals show students how far they have advanced, give them a feeling of accomplishment and promote motivation. Pintrich and De Groot suggest that students motivated through goals and challenges have a stronger interest in tasks, attach importance to it and produce more a more effective effort (…). Goals need to be specific, clearly identified and be challenging enough to ensure the possibility of reaching it. As goals are met, students will decrease their anxiety, and build their efficacy.

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