The High Misconduct Rate Among Adolescents Essay

The High Misconduct Rate Among Adolescents Essay

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The high misconduct rate among adolescents has aroused a wide social concern. Because delinquency behaviors are so common among adolescents, many people even believe that these behaviors are normal and will be eliminated with aging (Viljoen, Grey, and Barone in press, n.d.). However, Viljoen et al. (n.d.) argued that it was inappropriate to propose the delinquency behaviors as normal during the adolescence. If necessary control and intervention are absent, serious future crimes can be increased in the future. In order to control and reduce the future criminal rate, many experts prefer to use adolescent risk assessments to predict the possibilities of future crimes. As one major form of risk assessments, Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY) is highly employed. The result can be particularly important because it gives certain guidance about whether the subject should be enrolled in intervention programs for reform or being controlled as a criminal (Viljoen et al., n.d.). SAVRY has 24 risk factors and 6 protective factors, and one risk factor is the poor school achievement (SAVRY, n.d.). Although poor school achievements can be caused by various reasons, this factor is more likely to be linked with minority adolescents because of the structural inequality embedded in the society. This paper will argue that SAVRY should remove the poor schooling achievements as a criterion because minority adolescents are likely to be influenced by self-fulfilling prophecy and stereotype threat due to the structural inequality.
In society, there is always a divide between people who are more privileged, also known as the advantaged group, and those are less fortunate commonly referred to disadvantaged groups as minorities. Accordin...

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... negative expectancy on them. This study also clearly demonstrated that Asian, African, and Hispanic students were more likely to be influenced by the negative expectancy effects than their Caucasian contemporaries (McKown and Weinstein, 2008). In other words, their grade was less influenced compared minority students in the negative expectancy condition. One possible explanation was that minority students were more likely to perform poorly because of their disadvantaged identity. In other words, although poor school achievement is more likely related to minorities, it is important to understand that this phenomenon is highly related to their disadvantaged status in the society. If SAVRY employs the poor school achievement as a criterion, it is likely to be used as a facilitator to blame minority adolescents rather than finding these future threats to the society.

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