Essay about High Inner Workings Of The Bryan School Of Business

Essay about High Inner Workings Of The Bryan School Of Business

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During the semester I have spent in Business 105, I have not only learned more about my major which is International Business, but I have also, learned about the inner workings of the Bryan School of Business as a whole. Additionally, I have been educated on the different accomplishments and resume builders, which will catapult me ahead in the workforce, making me a unique candidate among my peers. Finally by using the resources provided to me by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro I will gain the knowledge of not only how to become a better student but, one day an employee.
Within the class of Business 105 we had several of the Bryan School of Business’ department heads come to and talk to our class about the different courses, internships and other opportunities offered by their different departments. Amidst, these conversations I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Moses Acquaah, who is the department head for Management within the Bryan School of Business, which consist of both the Business Administration and International Business programs. While, Dr. Acquaah visited our class, he expressed to us the many diverse opportunities that a International Business degree affords students, like taking up foreign languages, studying abroad, understanding other cultures and interpreting the global market. Lastly, Dr.Acquaah, reminded the class that the International Business program supplies you with many chances to gain the experience and skills to get ahead in the workforce like cultural appreciation and learning a foreign language. As a result, of Dr. Acquaah, session on the Department Of Management and the International Business program I not only have a newfound appreciation for my major, but I am more than optimistic and ...

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...nts and programs for small business owners and minorities . Essentially, by completing these assignments,assignments I have become steps closer to achieving a positive future.
In conclusion, throughout my semester spent spent in business 105, I have come to the realization that in order to be a successful student and one day business man I must take advantage of every opportunity and resource given to me by my University and faculty members. Also, I must create a framework of success for my life, by planning for my future by choosing both the personal interest and career benefits which will enable a favorable outcome for me. Additionally, I have found out who at my can help me get to and accomplish the different goals at my schools helping me to know that I always have someone to ask for help within The Bryan School and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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