High Dropout Rates And Closing The Achievement Gaps Essay

High Dropout Rates And Closing The Achievement Gaps Essay

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For teachers, ESSA helps teachers, especially when a student is falling behind because the state will provide better resources for the student in need. This will continue the focus on preventing schools from performing poorly, lower dropout rates, and closing the achievement gaps. According to the National Education Association (NEA) (2008), English learners’ “academic performance is well below that of their peers and that ELLs have excessively high dropout rates. NEA believes that closing the achievement gap for ELLs must be a priority” (para. 3). By doing so, providing different resources to the students in need this could help students who need help with literacy. If resources are provided to English learners, then the teacher may be able to communicate clearer with the student since they may receive resources that could help the student better their literacy skills. For example, the state may provide an ELL a picture dictionary that is both in their native language and English so they can continue to learn the English language. These kinds of opportunities will allow the students to succeed. Another positive change that affects teachers, is that testing will no longer be the main priority. There are fewer tests because the government really wants to make sure students are learning and by continuously testing this forces teachers to eliminate important information they are not required to teach. High stakes testing like the Virginia Standards of Learning (S.O.L), made it impossible for ELLs to succeed because “ELL students are being given . . . tests in English before they are proficient in the language” (NEA, 2008, para. 6). Testing before developing literacy in English may place too much stress on English learners and may cau...

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...ner Services (45.23%), English Proficient (54.77%), and Free or Reduced Lunches (49.40%). Lutie Lewis Coates Elementary School consists of many ELLs and many of these students are part of the Free and Reduced Lunch Programs. In Miss Kane’s first grade class at Coates Elementary School, 17 out of her 20 students are considered ELLs. Having this many ELLs in one classroom was very normal at Lutie Lewis Coates Elementary School since the neighborhood around the school had many families who spoke Spanish as their first language. Many of the parents who sent their children to Lutie Lewis Coates Elementary School did not speak English and relied on their son or daughter to communicate to their teacher. Although this is the case, the school did provide an English as a Second Language teacher to help the student become proficient in English and prevent any miscommunication.

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