Essay on High Annual Pay By State, With An Average Of $ 51850

Essay on High Annual Pay By State, With An Average Of $ 51850

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highest annual pay by state, with an average of $51,850. Thanks to demographic and technological trends, medical coders will jump 21 percent from 2010 to 2020, according to the BLS.” (Jennifer Alyson, n.d.)
Finally, I was intrigued with the career of a surgical coordinator, the job responsibilities, salary, and opportunities for advancement. “A surgical coordinator needs to manage a plethora of duties and function in variety of circumstances, for there is no fixed region where he needs to perform. The surgery he needs to coordinate may be an orthopedic or a cardiac one, or some gynecological surgery, or of any other nature, and it is the coordinator’s duty to manage each of them effectively. Starting from the patient’s appointment with the surgeon to fixing a plausible date of surgery, to preparing the patient as on the particular day, preforming examinations prior to surgery, producing the test reports for an analysis, taking the patient to the operation theater-all these need to be organized and arranged perfectly by the surgical coordinator. The average salary of a surgical coordinator is $16.77 per hour. Surgical coordinators with more years of experience, or those in better health care units and organizations may earn higher salaries.” (By Job duty More March 11, 2014) Surgical coordinators move on to other careers with greater pay. ” Though not the most common occurrence, Surgical Coordinators sometimes become Registered Nurses, where the average income is $55k per year. A more common career path for Surgical Coordinators is stepping into the role of Office Manager of a medical office or Practice Manager”. (, n.d.)
Furthermore, the careers (Medical Administrative Assistant, Certified Professional Coder, a...

... middle of paper ... candidates. No specific license requirements. (, n.d.)
In summary, I think the similarities of a Medical Administrative Assistant, a Medical Coder, and the Surgical Coordinator careers. Is they are all involved with interacting with people. I believe in order for one to be successful in any of these careers, having excellent people skills is an advantage. The flip side of these careers is that in order to stay in demand I believe it would require staying knowledgeable about your job, and keeping your credentials up to date, for technology and jobs change with the times. I would encourage future students to start you writing assignment early, if you should fall behind believe this course is about helping a student to become organized, and to time manage time wisely.reach out to your instructors in a timely manner in order to catch up. Although I

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