Hieronymus Bosch a True Renaissance Artist Essay

Hieronymus Bosch a True Renaissance Artist Essay

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This paper argues whether Hieronymus Bosch was a real, true, and complete renaissance artists using stories of his life, examples of his artworks, and analyses of the renaissance period.
Hieronymus Bosch, being a great artist had a lot of background and experience in painting and being an artist! Considering his grandfather, his father, and all four of his uncles were all great, well known, and successful artists, meaning you could definitely say art was in his jeans.
Hieronymus Bosch, born Jeroen Anthonissen van Aken (c. 1450 - August 9, 1516) definitely was an Early Netherlandish artists of the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries. Being that he was a christian who let his opinions and worldviews give inspiration, many to all of his paintings and artworks represented sin and human moral failings. Bosch was usually using images of demons, half-human half-animal creatures, and machines to create fear and confusion in the viewers eyes, and portray the evil of man.
It is said that, when Bosch was a young teen, he could have witness in a fire that Happened where he lived at that time ( 1463 ), this structurally destroyed many buildings and homes. After Bosches 18th birthday, he joined the religious group that his father worked as an artistic guide for ( Brotherhood of Our Lady ). Many people say that this religious group influenced a lot of what he painted and/or created, because he did include religious aspects. Later, he married a young lady named, Aleyt Goyaerts van den Meerveen. One of the only reasons why we know when he died was because the religious group that he joined
( Brotherhood of Our Lady ), made record of the man's death. He died August 9, 1516.

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... Like I said “ There is not much known about the man. his paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces do say a lot about him and whether he was or not.
The Renaissance was a time for inventing and new ideas. That meant that there were artist striving to find unique ways to showcase their artwork! They did so buy using new, unusual and different canvases mostly. I think that Hieronymus Bosch would definitely be considered a Renaissance artist on account of him doing so in the Seven Deadly Sins, painting! He did use the turntables as a new canvas! He also showed that he was a Renaissance artist with his unique paintings and art works!
This paper did argue whether Hieronymus Bosch was a real, true, and complete renaissance artists or not, using stories of his life, examples of his artworks, and analyses of the renaissance period.

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