The Hierarchy Levels Of Strategy For Asdith Health Services Essay

The Hierarchy Levels Of Strategy For Asdith Health Services Essay

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1. Describe the hierarchy levels of strategy for asdith health services.
Strategy can be formulated in three levels:
1) Corporate level: This level is concerned with the overall scope of an organisation. It includes Executive directors such as medical/Surgical/Allied Health and also Deputy Directors.
2) Business level: This level concerns which products should be developed in which market. It includes senior functional managers such as marketing, human resources, finance, Technical, Information, operations.
3) Operational level: This is concerned with how the component parts of an organisation deliver effectively. It includes staff likes nurses, doctors, technical, Advisory, analysts, administration.

2. Why is there confusion over where the ‘power’ lies in the organisation?
If will choose three person at one position then its confusion in the organisation because the thoughts of every person is different than each other so no one can identify who actually had the power.

a> How could this confusion be resolved?

This confusion be resolved by strategies as follows:
1) One director only: If we can choose only one director then it’s better for Health services because when two persons on each role then it is taught to decide who had actual power so choose only one person on each position.
2) Give priority to most sufficient role first: This confusion is solve by this role because most sufficient role have better knowledge then other people.
3) Head of department: HOD is maintain whole department in business level and also it helps to develop certain criteria.
4) Either senior or assistant director: either senior or assistant director is good because both have similar role to most sufficient position.

3a. constru...

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...n errors.
b) They can compete with other similar healthcare providers.
c) The organisation is in the heart of the opportunity which they can expand their business.
IV. Threats: Threats, denoted by T take into account the threats that able and potential competitors pose for the company and its products/services.

a) No training available for healthcare service.
b) Rapid technological growth from outside or other healthcare providers.
c) Competition from other non-profits.

5. You will note from the case study that the organisation is situated in
USA. Prepare a PESTEL analysis based on the information in the case
Study-plus-information from your own research of the current health
System in the USA to assist you with the analysis.
The organisation exists in the context of a complex political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legal world.

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