Essay about Hiding Behind The Covers : Age Discrimination

Essay about Hiding Behind The Covers : Age Discrimination

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Hiding Behind the Covers: Age Discrimination

Most people are familiar with the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Initially, this saying describes the way people decide whether a book is worth reading, but it is more often used to state that we shouldn’t judge people based on their appearance. Despite the fact that this cliché is commonly said in America, it is not often followed when applied to people of opposing ethnicities, genders, or ages. Regardless of these labels, old age does not discriminate like people do. Excluding those who die young, literally every person eventually reaches old age. Even if younger participants do not reach seniority, they do not remain untouched by age-related prejudice. Still, the nation continues to label and disapprove of those who do not uphold certain societal standards explained in theories such as Social Clock Theory and Beauty Work Theory. Truly, it is pointless that society should condemn its citizens through these lenses, when all apply to its rigid restrictions. Our culture should endeavor promote all people, not produce further insecurity and stress by judging its inhabitants based on their “cover” rather than the content of their character.

The aging process is comprised by the following five stages of growth: Childhood, Adolescence, Young Adulthood, Middle Age, and Old Age. In America, childhood is a recent stage that developed following the establishment of child labor laws. This developmental stage ranges from birth to teenager-hood and is usually marked by innocence and carefree attitudes. Other countries view them more as incomplete adults. After the age of thirteen, adolescence becomes evident in its biological and social expectation changes. At this phase, youth are no...

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...uly believe that. It is extremely difficult to remedy what has been preached for so long that it became second nature. However, this does not mean that this unhealthy pattern is impossible to break. As I grow older, ageism will increasingly affect every aspect of my life, from my career to how I interact with others, especially since I am an artist. From artists to lawyers I know that appearance is very important, but we as business society should embrace our differences and accept each other based on our moral conduct rather than face value. Then we can stop judging each other based on our covers. If we as society reprimand advertisements, job restrictions, and other forms of discrimination that downgrade women or men for their appearances and/or age, perhaps we can break this vicious cycle. Not just for me, but for my fellow students and future citizens of America.

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