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Hiding with Foundation
What’s behind every product that’s being advertised? What is the purpose of all this advertisement? Is it a good or a bad thing? The Neutrogena commercial Healthy skin liquid make up demonstrates how women can have a perfect skin by purchasing the Neutrogena foundation. The commercial uses a woman that has nice skin with no pimples or pores; it also shows different color shades of foundation and uses phrases such as “Imagine a makeup that can make your skin grow more beautiful every time you wear it”. This commercial can connect to the readings “Making the Emotional Connection” and “Exploitation as cool” because both readings uses strategies that the commercial is using to advertise its product. Even though the Neutrogena commercial uses beautiful woman with a perfect face, smooth skin, and quotes to advertise their products women intend to buy their products because they want to look as beautiful as the woman who is advertising the product and feel more secure about themselves however, not all products work the same with every women.
In the reading “Making the Emotional Connection” from Brandweek, it talks about Emotional branding how marketplace uses emotional aspects on products and how the brand comes to life for people and forges a deeper, lasting connection. The way people feel towards the product leads them in buying it. This reading connects to the Neutrogena commercial because people who advertise these commercials know that many women wishes to have a perfect skin with no pimples, marks in their face, and wrinkles. In the commercial Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup, they use a woman that has perfect skin with no pimples or marks in her face. They use the phrase “Skin can grow more beautifu...

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...I believe the way commercials advertise their products it’s a bad thing due to the fact that many of them use skinny women, attractive men, women with a perfect skin that doesn’t even exist in real life. It’s not right to advertise their products the way they do because commercials never use people’s natural beauty and this causes many people to feel insecure about their physical appearance. This can also be the reason why many teenage girls have anorexia because they see beautiful women with a perfect body and they might wish to have their body like that so they start to starve themselves.

Work Cited
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