Essay about The Hidden Meanings Of The Heart

Essay about The Hidden Meanings Of The Heart

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How often do I wander around looking for people doing things right and doing the right things?
I asked myself this question as a means to truly assess whether I am looking at people who are doing the right things and doing these things right. “Theoretically, you could behave as though you were encouraging the heart, but if your intentions were not to help people better at what they do, it would merely be manipulation” (Blanchard, 2004, pg. 103). This section opened my eyes to the possible hidden meanings of the heart. I enjoy helping people at work and making sure that they are fully trained and know exactly what they are doing, but I also find that sometimes I can be hard to teach. I mean this in the aspect that, at my job, we have a meeting each month specific t the group of people that are in the same position as me. Basically, these meetings are training sessions on the things that I feel I have ‘mastered’. I find that my heart gets extremely hard towards these meetings because I feel that they are a waste of my time; should I really view them this way? Especially if the managers are setting them in place to do what the quote from the textbook says- they are encouraging our hearts by trying to make us better at what we do. I have to ask myself, “why do I get so upset by someone trying to help me, yet I enjoy helping and training others?”. I believe I am this way because I view myself as a driven person. The textbook knocks down the attitude of a driven person because they are not serving others, they are serving their own interests. I think I have been serving my own interests. While I do find myself constantly looking for what people are doing right, I am also constantly looking for areas that are in need of help or I get p...

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... order to fully exhibit all of the character traits of true greatness, it is important to remember the humane orientation of leadership. “Humane orientation is the ninth dimension that refers to the degree to which a culture encourages and rewards people for being fair, altruistic, generous, caring, and kind to others” (Northouse, 2016, pg. 434). All of the things listed are things that God wants his children to act like. I do not think that the Lord would truly provide us with the greatness potential that we can have without being a nice and generous person.

Blanchard, K. (2004). Reflections on encourage the heart. In J. M. Kouzes and B. Z. Posner (Eds.), Christian reflections on the leadership challenge (pp. 101-116). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Northouse, P. G. (2016). Leadership: Theory and practice (7th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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