Essay on Hidden Meaning in Animal Farm, by Geopge Orwell

Essay on Hidden Meaning in Animal Farm, by Geopge Orwell

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When analyzing the book Animal Farm the book brings to your attention a few things about it that may go unnoticed by many readers. At first when glancing at it, or reading a little bit of it, it may seem like a children’s book. When the book first came out it was placed on the children’s shelves at stores, once readers discovered the complex work by Orwell it was moved to the adult fiction shelf which is where it belongs. “Many of the first readers of Orwell’s little masterpiece apparently did not realize that it was brilliant work of political satire” (Rooden, Appreciating Animal Farm in the New Millennium). The book is about a group of animals on a farm that want to from their own society, and control themselves rather than being controlled by humans. The book goes way beyond just that though, it has hidden meanings that have social value and create controversy. The animals sing a song together in the book, that song is believed to be based off of an old song from the 1920’s. This is an excellent example of a covert meaning, when realizing why Orwell incorporated this song in the book it really makes readers think about the reasoning. Reading Animal Farm was very interesting finding hidden meanings, and learning about political controversy from the early 1900’s. The hidden meanings in pieces of literature really make readers think and encourage them to learn more about why the author wrote it how they did.
The book Animal Farm is written in a way to use animals as a way to form political controversy much similar to the controversy that society was having at the time. For example: in the book, the pigs represent the communist party. The farmers represent the loyalist Russians and foreign forces. “The historical conte...

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