Hidden Evidence of Unconditional Love Essay examples

Hidden Evidence of Unconditional Love Essay examples

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I took a sip of my tea off my mother’s delicate cup. The fragrant scent of peppermint Christmas eases my mind. I sense warmth in the air, but the sun is still accompanied by the clouds. A few gentle freezes frequently blew my hair, causing it to brush against my cheek softly. But no matter how hard I try to let my soul enjoy these little things, loneliness deemed to be felt. Here I am sitting on my cushioned chair in my back porch, with my eyes feasting on hues. The fields of blossomed variations of flowers have taken over my backyard. This lively color-filled atmosphere is the reason why I brought up my unintended visit to the filling station, in the countryside, of course.

He was still there, very much present, looking at me with a slight grin on his face while flipping the pages of a magazine.

“And then? Aren’t you going to tell me what happened after you arrive at there? Don’t leave my curiosity hanging,” He said, gently pestering me to continue my story.

“There isn’t much to tell actually,” I began again, “I saw a hairy old man, wearing a monkey suit. Not your kind of suit, I suppose. In addition to that, he was also quite fat. So it was definitely not a pleasant sight.”

My hint of humor enlightened him. He chuckled, “But was that really the only thing you’ve encountered there? Tell me more, why does this place intrigue you so much?”

“Not quite. I’ll get to that, just let me finish,” I said, while trying to put myself back together. I was getting a bit weary because of the

The sound of the neighbor’s barking dog and magazine he held refreshed my memory.

“Well, you can’t help but notice how dull and filthy it was. It strikes me so much – perhaps a tad bit too much that it overwhelms my brain. You wouldn’t like the pl...

... middle of paper ...

...r him, and his sons. Somebody embroidered the doily, waters the begonia and arranges the cans. I need that. I mean, everybody does. These little actions might seem insignificant, but it’s an evidence of unconditional love. It makes you feel complete, and nothing else matters.”

It takes time for me to digest his words, and experience what he feels. How could my thoughts be so shallow? How could I be so condescending? I may be wealthier, more educated, but without a love like that, the quality of my life will always be poorer than them. They have everything that I have been living without.

Suddenly, all at once, I felt unwanted and cheated by life because of how unfair everything seemed.

“Well then, it’s simple. If somebody could love every bit of that hopeless place and that old, fat, hairy man, then somebody definitely can love you, too. Somebody loves us all.”

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